We’re dedicated to making your project management and collaboration in Wrike as comfortable as possible, and we’re taking another major step to achieve that. We’re happy to announce the news that many of you were looking forward to. Wrike’s FREE project management app for iPad is available on iTunes now! So, if you rely on Apple gadgets in your business, this might be a very special update for you.

The interface of Wrike’s native iPad app is neatly adjusted for your favorite tablet. You can view, create and edit tasks as easily as you do using Wrike on your PC or Mac. Whenever a change occurs in your project plans and priorities, you can make the necessary edits to your plans with just a few taps in the fast and friendly interface of the app. For instance, your client calls you and says he needs some documents a.s.a.p., not next week as planned. Even though you’re in a café at this moment, you can adjust your schedule in Wrike and communicate the changes to your peers right way. With Wrike project management software on iPad, it will take seconds. You can simultaneously reschedule several tasks for today! So, before you even get back to your office, the team is working on the assignment.

Download Wrike’s iPad app on iTunes now to always stay on track and save time managing your projects anywhere you are! We’ll be glad to know your impressions, so if you have any feedback, comment on this post.