We're excited to announce the launch of a new data center in Amsterdam to provide European businesses a new option for managing work in the cloud while operating in compliance with Europe’s regulations for privacy and security. The addition of this new data center will allow customers to follow Europe’s regulations for storing corporate data in the cloud.
We were one of the first companies to join the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework in order to provide the utmost transparency on how we handle data between the US and Europe. We believe this latest launch will open doors for multinational companies to experience the latest innovations in collaboration, without worrying about sacrificing their privacy or security. 
One of our customers, Porsche Austria, views privacy and security as a top priority when it comes to selecting vendors in the cloud. "At Porsche Austria, we have complex project management needs as well as aggressive security and data-residency requirements in place for the protection of our sensitive data," said Wilfried Weitgasser, Chief Digital Officer at Porsche Austria. "Wrike's data center in Europe is an important reason we were able to choose them as a strong partner for cloud collaboration.”
"As cloud adoption in Europe increases, protecting customer data is becoming a greater imperative for software providers," said Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO of Wrike. "European companies looking to implement cloud software need to be vigilant in choosing vendors that meet strict compliance regulations regarding data privacy. Wrike's data center in the European Economic Area will help customers in meeting these critical regulations."
With the adoption of collaboration and cloud tools rapidly growing across Europe, it is our priority to support and invest in our European market and continue to expand our initiatives internationally. "We began by offering our software in localized languages, then offering customer service in those languages," added Filev. "Four years later we are launching our first data center in continental Europe and growing our operations in Dublin, Ireland. Our investment and commitment in Europe has been a top priority."
Learn more about how we invest in your privacy and security here.