ClayCollins @lkr thanks for the tip.  I'll have to check out wrike!

JillMeyer Follow Friday: @wrike - Excellent project management tool. We use it to our satisfaction!

pm4girls @DaveG253 will be talking about social media branding and Wrike at #pminac. #pmi #pmot

commsabilities RT @wrike: free white paper about using Web 2.0 in project management:

IAC_Heather Okay - done inputting stuff into @wrike, now time for sleep - I think.  Tomorrow is a semi-long day of #dailygoals.

BrandDynamics Number 2: Wrike A great product when you need to keep your existing comm channels open with email #projectmanagement

pmopinions How easy is your PM software? As easy as using email? Try Wrike & let email be the tool of choice

rareplay > Allows you to share plans and work on them together:
dwoolfe Wrike – Manage Your Projects in Real Time Through Email

claudiochea email based project management tool..interesting...

RonaldYau checking out @wrike Looks promising

yasaswiP A different way than Daptiv to manage projects, Would be useful for email happy shops.

calin_patcas Wrike is a really amazing PM tool. I strongly recommend it to everyone interested.

pmopinions Product Review for Wrike - "My first month using Wrike" -

corneliusficht @DaveG253 I have used Wrike ( to manage my worldwide team of consultants. I'm quite happy with it. Will write a review.

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