blog posted a review of Wrike. Web Worker daily is a popular weblog that has about 3 000 subscribers and is read by thousands of other people all over the world. The blog addresses the new workforce — those who are connected to their jobs through the internet. The team behind Web Worker Daily focuses on making the web-trends understandable to the people impacted by them.

One of the Web Workers, Samuel Dean, has recently discovered Wrike and immediately began offering excellent feedback and some rather keen observations about his new-to-Wrike experience. The author notes that our project management software is “built from the ground up with the understanding that e-mail collaboration is central to how most projects get done” and that “it integrates well with how working people use e-mail.”

Thank you very much for your review, Samuel. We are happy to be acknowledged by such an authoritative blog. The interest of the Web communities is helping us make Wrike even better and save you (our customers) even more time.