From time to time I find out some features that help users, but sometimes are not obvious enough. Hope you will find them useful.

  • Usually I prefer to delete my long 6-lines signature when assigning tasks via e-mail. It allows me to avoid cramming the task description which comes from the e-mail body. Of course if the recipients know who I am and that this message will be transfered into the task in Wrike.
  • If you want to let a person read an e-mail, but don't want to share a task (or a folder) with him or her, you simply put their e-mail address to the "Bcc" field.
  • Where does the task disappear when you change its status to complete?
    It may become invisible. When you have hundreds of tasks, you will understand how convenient this is. If you still want to view or change the completed task, simply filter the tasks in the appropriate folder by status (choose ?ompleted or All in this case).
  • What is the best way to edit a task and add your comments?
    Choose the way that seams most natural for you (and your team as well). I prefer to add my changes in the upper part of the “Description” field and sometimes add my signature if lots of people are involved in the task’s fulfillment. Sometimes there is a need to make changes in the text (if you correct the grammar for example). You can also add comments as we use to do it in blogs: one comment after another.
  • Whom can you include in the fields “Assigned to” or “Also shared with”?
    Everyone you consider to be interested in your task’s progress. If a person isn’t registered, Wrike will do that for him or her. Since the moment you save the task changes people concerned are able to keep track of all the task changes via e-mail. They are also automatically registered in the system and receive an invitation with a password.
  • Why didn't you receive an e-mail to confirm your registration?
    Please make sure you didn’t miss the e-mail in junk or spam folder.