With the launch of Teams early last year, Microsoft introduced a new take on business chat. By enabling users to access full-featured versions of their critical business tools within Teams, they created a hub for teamwork, making it easier to connect conversations with work.

We were excited to have launched our Teams integration along with – and to be showcased in - Microsoft’s initial launch. With our integration, we enable you to go even further within Teams and help you achieve operational excellence by transforming freeform conversations into structured work.

And now, along with Microsoft’s announcement of updates to Teams, we’re happy to also announce that we’ve added more capabilities to our integration, expanding your access to and making it easier for you to collaborate on Wrike tasks, right in Teams.

Improved collaboration

We provide you with permalinks in Wrike so you can directly access any task. That said, when you’re chatting in Teams about work, it can be challenging to switch to Wrike, find a task, and get a permalink to add to a conversation. And, once posted, all you can see is a link with no extra context or information.


But now, by adding a messaging app to Teams, we’ve enabled you to find Wrike tasks easily by searching for them right from Teams. And, once added to a conversation, you’ll see a task preview with details about a task, enhancing your ability to collaborate on work.

Get a personal experience in Teams

Microsoft Teams is, well, about working with your team. With our pre-existing tab integration, you can add any Wrike Project or Folder as a tab in a Teams channel, and anyone who has access to that channel can also access that tab. But what about the work that just you need to get done?

With our new personal app experience, now you can access all your assigned Wrike tasks, as well as all the tasks you’ve created, in a single, personal view. And, because it can be difficult to find all the Wrike Projects that have been added as tabs across numerous Teams channels, we’ve also made it so that you can easily see and access all those Wrike tabs in one place.

Take action on Wrike notifications

We included a Connector as part of our initial Teams integration, which acts to deliver Wrike notifications into Teams conversations and is a great way to keep your team informed as work progresses in Wrike.

And now, by adding Actionable Messages to our Connector, we’ve enabled you to quickly respond to updates by taking action on tasks right in those Wrike notifications.

You can start using Actionable Messages in our Connector immediately. Microsoft is starting to roll out messaging apps and personal app experiences today, and you can expect to see them in your Teams client shortly.

Read more about Wrike for Teams or learn more in our Help Center.