With teams and organizations around the world working remotely over the past year, Zoom has been one of the top tools we’ve all relied on to stay connected and keep projects moving forward. While “Zooming” has become part of everyday life, so has Zoom fatigue which can lead to unproductive and inefficient meetings. And if you’re going from one meeting to another, day after day, keeping track of everything that needs to be done can become a full-time job. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Zoom to power up meeting productivity with the new Actionable Meetings.

Collaborate without sharing screens

When video conferencing, most of the work starts when someone asks, “Can you see my screen?” We wanted to make it easier for meeting participants to collaborate — without the need to share screens or switch back and forth between applications. By adding the Wrike extension to your Zoom app, you can enable Actionable Meetings and allow teams to collaborate on existing Wrike projects as well as the associated documents right there in the Zoom window. Seeing tasks, files, assignees, and due dates while you talk ensures everyone is up to date and on the same page. Plus, having everything in one place without shifting between tabs or applications reduces the possibility of confusion as well as eliminates any “I couldn’t find the latest file” excuses. 

Turn conversations into structured work

Move projects forward faster by getting things done during your Zoom meetings instead of creating a list of action items to follow up on afterward. Set up and assign tasks, update progress, and add files to tasks while everyone involved is in the Zoom room. Not only will this prevent items from falling between the cracks, it will also increase efficiency and give your teams their time back. You can even set up reminders and follow-ups while you’re still in the meeting, which also helps ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. This is especially helpful when your team’s calendar consists of back-to-back Zoom meetings. Close the gap between “to do” and “done” by turning what you’re talking about into structured work immediately. 

Make the most of every meeting

With remote work being touted as the “Now Normal,” online meetings are here to stay.  Zoom is the best way to keep everyone connected, wherever they are — and now your Zoom meetings can be a platform for getting more work done, too. Ross Mayfield, Integrations Product Lead at Zoom, says, “Video communications and collaborative work go hand in hand for creating productive and meaningful interactions online. Meetings are critical for teams to stay connected, and the Wrike app helps prioritize productivity while enhancing the remote meeting experience.”

Help your teams work smarter by giving your meetings a collaborative boost. Add the Wrike extension from the Zoom Marketplace or download Wrike Actionable Meetings to make it easy for meeting participants to work together on Wrike projects in real-time. Improve efficiency, collaboration, and convenience. Spend more time on the work that matters, and less time talking about it.

Give your meetings a collaborative boost. Get the app.