We asked our faithful Wrike users for their own tips on how to nail your annual review. Some tips are for managers, other tips are for employees. See what they have to say, and apply what seems wise in order to get through your annual review with minimal stress.

Annual Review Tips for Managers

We asked: "As a manager, how do you make sure you run a fair, efficient, and effective process?"

Managers from various industries gave us their best tips to make sure everyone comes out of the review process feeling like they had a positive experience.

1. Be fair and consistent

"Make sure you are reviewing everyone on appropriate standards." — Matt Graf

"Have appropriate and fair measures in place." — Karien Bredenkamp

2. Communicate the process and goals 

"Set clear and objective goals." — Nick Stelmazuk

"Daily communication with everyone and planning ahead." — Sammy

3. Have tough conversations early on

"Daily communication about tasks, even if they're conversations you don't want to have (i.e. when your employee isn't performing)." — Mitchell Moss

Annual Review Tips for Employees

We asked: "As an employee, what are some things you do to make sure you nail your annual review?"

Employees from around the globe shared tips on everything from dress code to how to prepare so you rock your annual review meeting. Decide which tips will work best for you.

1. Prepare in advance

"Prepare early, track goals throughout the year." — Nick Stelmazuk

"Spend enough time preparing - don't try to 'wing it.'" — Karien Bredenkamp

2. Dress for the occasion

"Look snappy, and be honest." — Tory Dirk Trone

3. Show proof of results, don't just tell 

"Be honest about my standing of where I am with my projects, and what I have completed and how." — Matthew Miller

"Give a detailed and honest description of how I've accomplished the things I worked on, and how I've completed the tasks that have been assigned to me. Also, I track the time I spend on each task so I can have some physical proof of my work." — Ivana Reyes

"I make sure that I quantify my job with my tasks in Wrike." — Christina Anstett

4. Set new goals for the next year

"Review or renew my short/medium/long-term goals; Put a wish list of things I'd like; Have questions for how I can improve." — Mitchell Moss

What tips can you share?

Not every piece of advice on this list will be applicable for you, but hopefully you've found something useful to nudge you in the right direction. Help out your peers by sharing your annual review best practices in the comments below.

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