"Successful people are simply those with successful habits," said Brian Tracy, a popular motivational speaker. A lot of highly productive people reveal that it's not rocket science behind their performance, rather, it's a benefit they reap from a set of small, yet powerful habits that help them day-to-day. In addition to personal efficiency, a high priority for a project manager is to help his team build the right productivity habits so that everyone reaches the best of their potential. I’ve already covered certain aspects of this topic in my previous posts, but now I invite you all to take an in-depth look. Join me at the PMI Global Congress in New Orleans on October 29 at my session titled "Forming new productivity habits in project teams: theory and practice." Last year I really enjoyed speaking about remote teams in front of the great audience at the PMI Congress, I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion this year as well! Here's a synopsis of the presentation: Your team's productivity habits are one of the magic ingredients of your project's success. If you have the right recipe, your team will complete projects on time and within budget, collaborate effortlessly and feel connected. On the contrary, if the ingredients are stirred wrong, it might end in procrastination, unproductive meetings, inaccurate schedules and continuous delays. Supported by neuroscience, behavioral research and practical examples, I will discuss which productivity habits will make your project team more efficient, and how to make those habits part of your team’s everyday life. As a brief teaser, among other things, we'll discuss elephant riders and how to tackle boring tasks. If you have your favorite anecdotes on the topic, or want me to cover some questions, please, post in comments. After the talk, I'll share a summary. See you in New Orleans!