Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup where we collect and curate recent articles about work, productivity, collaboration, and life hacks. This week, we open with a great discussion on how administrative processes and compliance issues often stifle the creativity of your best people. Read on!

Is Process Stifling Creativity? Marketers from Marks & Spencer, SABMiller and More on Tackling Bureaucracy (The Drum): A panel of creative experts discuss the stifling effects of administration, procurement, and compliance on the creative industry and day-to-day processes.

What 671 Million Push Notifications Say About How People Spend Their Day (Andrew Chen): Uber's growth hacker Andrew Chen looks at engagement data from Leanplum, and breaks down 671 million push notifications to show some interesting trends about time of day targeting.

Out With the Old (The New York Times): A new research study suggests that one kind of change, like starting an exercise regimen, may amplify the effects of another, like taking up meditation. So maybe we should simply do a spring cleaning of our bad habits in one fell swoop rather than attempt incremental changes?

3 Disastrous Marketing Horror Stories to Avoid (Wrike): Three stories of epic marketing fails that every marketer can empathize with, and how to make sure they never happen to you.

Instagram Marketing 101: Grow Your Following With These 7 Guides and 5 Courses (Neil Patel): With Instagram boasting 400 million monthly active users, it just makes sense to optimize your brand's Instagram presence. Patel shares 7 guides and 5 courses chock-full of tips.

3 Ways to Make Progress on a Significant Goal -- Today (Entrepreneur): It's not about waiting for all your tasks to get done so you finally have free time because that's never going to happen. You have to make the time. Here are some tips.

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