While redesigning Wrike project management software, we paid a special attention to the favorite project management feature for many of you – the interactive timeline. Switch to the Gantt chart view right now, and you won't believe your eyes: regardless of the number of tasks in your projects, the timeline loads in a flash. The ease and speed of navigating the chart is really breathtaking. Scroll down the chart, zoom it in and out, move across the tasks – everything with your mouse. Handy filters allow you to specify the type of tasks you want to see on the chart. 

Pay special attention to the farthest right button on the control panel at the top of the chart. It is a brand-new preview feature that will certainly capture your imagination. Just click the button, and a small panel will show you a mini-picture of the whole timeline. The red square marks the part of the chart that you see on the screen at the moment. Drag it to quickly jump to another project or a month ahead. Isn't it just amazing?

The second function of the control panel is to give you an easy way to zoom the chart in or out. Just drag the slider and see how the scale changes. You also can easily zoom your chart in and out by holding the SHIFT button and using the scroll bar on your mouse.

To create a task right on the Gantt chart, hold the SHIFT key and the left mouse button, then pull your mouse to the right.

Take a look at the Gantt chart right now and tell us, isn't it just great?