Working on a project together is all about balancing collaboration and control. You want to enable everyone to contribute, but at times you may want to limit who can add others or move the project. For example, if you're working on a confidential new product launch you need the launch team to be able to collaborate, but you want to keep the information on a need-to-know basis. We've added a new level of folder permissions allowing you to control who can move, share, or delete your folders so you can keep both collaboration and control.

Now, besides full and limited (read-only) access to folders, you can also choose an Editor role. This is an interim permission level between the two already existing. Editors have all user capabilities to collaborate and make changes to tasks, except for deleting, sharing, and moving the tasks or folder. They also cannot change the parent folder for your project.

With this setting, you can prevent people from making unwanted changes or sharing sensitive information with others. Enjoy the power of collaboration while staying completely in control of your plan!

The new feature is available with Enterprise subscription.