[05.27.2009 Update: the features were released]

We’re thrilled to announce the new, big release that will turn Wrike into the greatest ever productivity and project management tool. What will this new release include? Several exiting enhancements:

•    Windows Mobile Sync: First of all, we’ll make it easy for you to manage tasks with your Pocket PC or smart phone. The new release will feature a Windows Mobile plug-in that will synchronize your tasks in Wrike with the built-in tasks application on your device. As previously, you’ll be able to create tasks in Wrike from e-mails sent from any mobile device, whether it is iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or G1. 

•    Outlook Plug-in: Do you use tasks in Outlook to organize your life? Wrike’s new Outlook plug-in will make your task management more effective, as all your tasks will be kept in one place (be it  Wrike or Outlook). With its help, you’ll be able to instantly sync your tasks in Wrike and in Outlook.

•    Task Discussions: This feature was asked for many of our users, and we worked hard to create a neat solution for discussions. With the new release, Wrike users will be able to add comments to tasks and projects not only online but also via e-mail. Wrike will intelligently identify the task by the e-mail subject and elegantly extract the user’s comment and the task description.

•    Upgraded pricing structure: We’ll not unveil all the details on the new price models yet. We’ll only say that soon our customers will be able to mix various user types within one account, choose what features they want to use and create a cost-effective solution for their project management needs.

Can’t wait to try the new features? You’ll have to hold on for just a couple of weeks!