Please note: As of July 1, 2021, the features and functionality referenced in this blog post may no longer be packaged as described below. Don’t worry, our award-winning software still contains all the same capabilities we’re known for. Check out our pricing page or contact our sales team for more information.

For mid-size to enterprise-sized organizations wishing to scale (and what company doesn’t?) an efficient, responsive service delivery is a must. These professional services teams, in all their shapes and sizes, are relied on heavily to take in internal team work requests, accept Statement of Work orders, and pitch new business — efficiently. As if that’s not enough, modern professional services teams are also tasked with growing revenue, increasing client satisfaction, and retention.

What service delivery teams need for success 

To achieve revenue growth, client satisfaction, and retention while maintaining profitability, service delivery teams need proven software and processes to collaborate with stakeholders, organize and track their work, monitor budgets, and mitigate project delivery risks. It’s the dream work scenario and one all professional services teams aspire to operate within. 

Imagine having the ability to:

  • See across sales, delivery, and project financials.
  • Sync with Salesforce and financial systems with built-in integrations.
  • Gain real-time visibility into project progress with full project portfolio view.
  • Monitor actual versus planned fees and costs in real time.
    See portfolio financials. 
  • Ensure that every project has healthy margins while tracking changes known to cause scope creep.
  • Compare and visualize resource availability against current and incoming pipelines so you can balance workloads and plan for future headcount. 

Wrike for Professional Services handles all that so you can deliver projects on time and under budget, and turn more billable time into revenue. This service-focused solution enables you to make confident and informed strategic decisions for all clients and projects, track budgets, and a whole lot more. It also connects your team, clients, and projects along with your CRM and billing systems to streamline operations.

Explore more with Wrike for Professional Services

Accompanying today’s video is our companion eBook, “The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to CWM Solutions for Service Delivery Teams.” The buyer’s guide applies to both in-house professional services teams and external organizations, detailing:

  • The 15 most common use cases where professional services teams should invest in a CWM.
  • The 15 essential features that professional services need in a CWM.
  • The checklist you should follow when evaluating CWM platforms.

Deliver more, earn more with Wrike for Professional Services. Start your free trial today and take your service delivery to heights you never thought possible.