We are excited to announce that Wrike’s founder, Andrew Filev, will take part in Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco on September 5-7. The conference is a global event where key innovators, decision makers, technologists and businessmen meet, discuss and debate the future evolution of online productivity and collaboration. Office 2.0 will bring together representatives from all the powerful corporations in the IT business world, including IBM Corporation, Google, Microsoft and many more. Conference discussions will be centered on the stirring questions of social computing, enterprise 2.0 and project management.
Wrike’s founder will participate in the Project 2.0 panel and speak on project management 2.0 trends and their influence on the processes and structure of contemporary enterprise. Office 2.0 is promising to be an event that results in some valuable insights and conclusions. We are looking forward to that! Hope to meet you there!