You definitely know that Wrike project management software aims to eliminate as much routine administrative work as possible. The Twitter-like “Follow” feature, introduced in Wrike’s new social version, plays an important part in making this happen. Thanks to this feature, you don't have to spend time collecting updates on each task from disconnected emails, phone calls and IM tools.

This week, we’ve enhanced this project management functionality with one more helpful update – an invitation to follow. Now you can not only control your own preferences, but also make sure your colleagues keep an eye on a specific task that relates to them, even though they’re not the assignees. When you click on the “Follow” button in the task description, you see the avatars of the people who are getting notifications about changes in this task:

If someone who is involved in completing this assignment isn’t on the list, you can send him or her an invitation. Click on the “+” icon and type this person’s email address in the field that appears, or choose the name from the list of users with whom the task is shared:

Instead of assigning the task to multiple users to make sure they’re in the loop, you can subscribe them to all the updates when you’re creating the task. Every subscribed person instantly receives an email notification that he or she is now following a specific task. In a similar way, you can control these settings on the folder level and subscribe your colleagues to the updates made to all tasks in a certain folder. This new feature is a very helpful tool for managers who are in charge of many projects. With a few clicks, you can ensure that the appropriate people stay up-to-date on specific tasks, and important data doesn’t get lost in the workflow.  

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