So, you do everything out of Wrike. It’s your work hub, your task management system of choice, and a robust tool for reporting to team leads and managers. Why not optimize the tools you have by integrating Wrike into your Google suite of services. You can start with one of the most important tools for organizing your day: Google Calendar.  

By integrating Wrike into your Google Calendar, you’ll increase work output by limiting the need to constantly switch between tools you use every day. Here’s why this should matter to you — and how you can do it. 

Context switching is a productivity killer

Context switching is what happens when you quickly go from one task — or tool — to another. You may not realize how often it’s done or the impact it can have on your productivity.  However, it means you’re taking longer to do routine tasks, let alone any kind of deep work.

Some people forget to check Wrike

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s at least one person you’re collaborating with regularly who spends a lot more time in Google Calendar and other apps than they do in Wrike. 

It’s important to be aware of your organization’s biggest milestones, project task due dates, and incoming tasks. Because most people are checking their Google Calendar at least once a day, you can easily turn your most important work into events in your calendar so that everyone in the company can follow along.

Manage events like tasks

Do you religiously manage your tasks in Wrike every day? When you integrate Google Calendar into Wrike, you can optimize the ability to stay on top of your projects.

You can do all your planning for the day without leaving Wrike by turning your meetings into Wrike tasks. Additional functionality includes asking questions about meetings, requesting changes, and more, all from Wrike.

By connecting Wrike into Google Calendar using Project Syncs, you can accomplish more in Wrike, collaborate more efficiently with people across the organization, and never have to switch tools again.

Integrating Google Calendar with Wrike using Project Syncs is quick and easy

The Project Syncs add-on for Wrike is a no-code workflow management solution that lets you connect with Google Calendar.  It empowers the user to sync Wrike tasks seamlessly with your calendar. If you’re using a Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, or Enterprise Pinnacle plan, you can get access to this add-on!

As long as you’re an account owner, enabling Project Syncs is as simple as going to the Subscription panel of your Wrike settings and enabling the Project Syncs trial.

From there, you just need to click Create flow to start linking your Wrike projects with Google Calendar and get more out of both tools. Here’s more information on doing that.

If you have any questions, or having issues connecting with your calendar, feel free to reach out to us