The value of columns is always displayed now. Previously, this value was hidden to give you more space for the list of tasks. However, many users asked us to make this more visible.

Now you can see at once by which status, responsible party, due date your tasks are sorted. I think the sorting interface is very convenient now, isn't it?

As for sorting by the due date, you can choose three options: display tasks that are due on the exact date, earlier or a later date. For this, you choose the sign: = accordingly. If you want to work on all tasks that are due before your vacations, on February 28, you can do that easily. You choose the sign
Moreover, we added the ability to search tasks by their names within the concrete folder.

You simply type the part of title and wait 2 seconds. The tasks that contain this combination of letters are  shown. Then you can combine filtering criteria as before.  This feature might be very useful if the only thing that you remember about the task is some keyword in the title. Works very well.