Besides Wrike’s new, cost-effective pricing model, you will also be pleased with the enhanced Wrike’s user management engine.

1. The new engine lets you have many user administrators in one account (1).  User administrators can create new users (2) in the account, as well as redistribute subscriptions and additional features among the users (3), but they cannot make purchases or project billing changes.

All purchases can be made by the account billing administrator – the person who subscribed to a Wrike trial on and then entered credit card information to continue using the service after the trial. The project billing administrator also has all privileges of user administrators.

2. The new engine allows administrators to have more control over users. For example, administrators can instantly delete users. If administrator removes a user, the user account is instantly deleted with all user’s information, including tasks and attachments created by the user.

3. The new engine supports a long-requested feature: If you accidentally or deliberately included some person in your email correspondence and CCed wrike at, the user is not automatically invited by Wrike.

Instead, the person’s name goes to the administrators' user management tab marked as a “user awaiting invitation” (1). And it’s up to administrators if and when to invite the person to Wrike (2).

4. Finally, storage space was increased up to 5GB per user on the new subscriptions.

All features described above are tied into new subscriptions, so if you are subscribed to an old plan and like the feature, you need to upgrade. To upgrade, contact our support department at support at