When you're managing projects, it's all too common that tasks slip and releases get pushed back. To remedy the situation, you need to learn from your mistakes and improve planning in the future. Online Gantt chart software is a great way to help your team organize your schedule so that you hit every deadline on time.

If you've never heard of or used a Gantt chart before, take a look at this infographic. It highlights the key ways you can use Gantt chart makers and proper project management to make sure work stays on track.

Gantt Chart Software: A Key Tool For Project Management (Infographic)

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Why do you use Gantt charts?

If you're already using an online Gantt chart for your project management, tell everyone about it in the comments. How has work improved since you started using them? What are some tips to help make using a Gantt chart easier? We value your input in helping us teach people better ways to manage work.

You can also get an in-depth breakdown of how to use a Gantt chart for project management here.