Working in finance or legal, you may think that a collaborative work management system (CWM) isn’t applicable to your industry. Budget forecasting, number-crunching for mergers and acquisitions, contracts, getting approvals — all of these involve multiple steps and require team input both inside and outside the organization. With no access to a CWM for finance and legal teams to manage everything, getting work done is more difficult and time-consuming than necessary. 

That isn’t to say that NetSuite, QuickBooks, and proprietary software don’t deserve a place in the day-to-day routine. Finance and legal teams ought to have the freedom to enhance their workflows. They also deserve to have a versatile platform that improves collaboration and is customizable to their preferred way of working. The cherry on top would be if the solution came equipped with automation technology to eliminate repetitive tasks and speed up approvals. 

Wrike is that solution — and you’ll see how in our new eBook, 16 Reasons Why Finance & Legal Teams Use Wrike. After all, product and marketing teams aren’t the only ones who get to have all the fun working in a CWM solution. 

16 reasons why organizations should choose Wrike’s CWM for finance and legal teams 

Our new eBook is split into eight key areas and includes everything from accounting and forecasting to legal review and IP management. Each section details a common use case and demonstrates how your team can use Wrike to improve collaboration and create a single source of truth. Get access to the eBook here: 16 Reasons Why Finance & Legal Teams Use Wrike

Inside the eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The eight key areas in which finance and legal teams trust Wrike
  • The 16 use cases Wrike is uniquely equipped to solve
  • Visual examples of how Wrike enables finance and legal teams to work smarter and more efficiently
New eBook: 16 Reasons Why Finance & Legal Teams Use Wrike 2

Wrike features that apply to all finance and legal teams

Along with the 16 use cases, the eBook spotlights the following Wrike features:

  • Single source of truth: Wrike is your hub to manage all your work, including approvals, assets, tracking work progress, calendars, etc.
  • Wrike Integrate: Comprehensive workflow automation using a low code, visual interface. Our built-in system lets you connect Wrike to nearly any app — and as many apps as you need — enabling you to sync data and fully automate your workflows, including NetSuite, QuickBooks, SAP, Shopify, Stripe, and many more. 
  • Wrike Blueprints: These help you manage your projects, folders, and tasks and plan your work while keeping it separate from ongoing assignments. Blueprints are especially useful with recurring work items because you can use them to quickly create tasks, folders, or projects with attributes you’ve already specified. Create a Blueprint from scratch, save existing work as a Blueprint, or launch new work using a Blueprint you’ve saved.
  • Budgeting: Estimate and track financials across all projects in one place and in real-time. Budgeting allows you to improve projects’ profitability from the planning phase through the execution, including preferred currency settings, hourly rates, and more.
  • Spending approvals: Organize the review process for your team and send your work to the appropriate stakeholder for sign-off with a few clicks. No more chasing people down, just faster turnaround times.
  • Visual asset proofing and Document Editor: Mark up visual assets, centralize feedback across teams, shorten feedback loops, and reduce overall approval times. The Document Editor allows you to edit attachments (like invoices) without having to download the item.
  • Cross-tagging: Provide full transparency into all your team’s work so they can track it alongside their unique workflows. No other solution can match Wrike’s cross-tagging capabilities.
  • Shared calendars: Sync all your projects to a team calendar so any changes get updated automatically for everyone. Plus, enjoy 360-degree visibility into all your team’s work, track work progress, and identify potential bottlenecks before they happen.
  • Dynamic request forms: Our automated project intake system allows you to route work requests to the correct stakeholder based on the form’s inputs and start every project with all the necessary details available. Forget about having to ask (or re-ask) what needs to be done — your custom form will capture everything.
  • And more!

Get all 16 use cases here

NetSuite, QuickBooks, and proprietary software all have a place in your workflow, and a CWM solution is a great add-on loaded with functionality to support your work. Download our newest eBook, 16 Reasons Why Finance & Legal Teams Use Wrike, featuring all 16 unique use cases, and learn why brands like Gheen & Co., Moneytree, and Kalexius trust Wrike to manage all their work.