A lot of users asked us to change the dashboard, so it shows the tasks that are due today, plus ones that are supposed to be worked on today. This was a very good idea, so we have changed the dashboard logic.
In order to finish important tasks on time, you need to proceed to them when they are scheduled. If a task will take you a week to complete, Wrike will now show it you from Monday to Friday, not just on Friday when the task is supposed to be done. So you can at least keep an eye on the task, since it is hardly possible to do a one-week task in one day.
The same changes apply to your daily “to-do” e-mails: they now show overdue tasks and tasks that are planned for today.

If you do not want to see some of your tasks on the Dashboard, you can change the task's start date or split big tasks into smaller ones. Splitting tasks into sub-tasks is an excellent project management practice. It helps you schedule projects more accurately and gives you a better visibility into the progress.

You can keep notes, ideas and other non-actionable items away from the dashboard. In this case, you just need to remove their start date and duration.