Ok, this is a very simple feature, but we know that it will bring some of you a substantial productivity gain. Wrike gives you the opportunity to collaborate on your project-related files online directly from your workspace and without attachments. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome online document management in Wrike’s award-winning project management software with Google Docs built-in!

Starting on April 14, those of you who have a Google account will be able to create and automatically share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from your Wrike workspace. If you are already familiar with Google Docs, you will certainly appreciate the ability to link the tasks in your favorite project management software to your online files effortlessly, with no need to coordinate your data in two disconnected systems.

To see the power and simplicity of Wrike’s new feature in action, go to your workspace and click on the “Files” tab of any task. You’ll see two new links, one for creating an online document and another for starting an online spreadsheet.

As soon as you pick a name for your newly created online file, you’re taken to your Google Docs account, where you can edit your document. You also can upload your existing files to share them with your team members online.

After you save the file in Google Docs, a link to this item appears in your task in Wrike.

From this moment, your team members who also have Google accounts can access the file from their Wrike workspaces, change it and download it to their computers. It’s that simple! But just imagine how much more productive your team work will become with no need to manage project-related data in two separate applications. Now you can organize your project files directly from Wrike!