Cook Storage offers the highest quality self-storage facilities and space planning in the U.S. and Canada. Wrike helps the firm  keep track of tasks in many areas from finance to facility maintenance.

John Gabaldon, managing partner of Cook Storage, says, “To me, the real beauty and powerful concept of Wrike is enabling us to monitor and modify the progression of work and tasks from inception to completion. That's really simple and at the same time really powerful. Wrike helps me to control the process, and it lets our team collaborate. Our miscommunication rate has dramatically decreased."

Since Wrike is Web-based, John's team can contribute to their tasks not only from their workplaces, but from home as well. This is particularly helpful, since the business is distributed among several locations and time zones. For hundreds of customers, no delays occur, thanks to the simplicity and agility of Wrike.

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