Besides functionality, we also made some changes in the interface.

In task details
We added the Start date and Duration fields. By default, the Start date is today, and the duration is 1 day. This will keep your associates with whom the task is shared from missing the task. If your task takes only 2 days to fulfill, you can make the start date today and the due date one month later. None of the parameters are calculated automatically, so you can set the start date, the duration and the due date in accordance to your business needs. Based on these fields, the timeline is generated in Wrike.

In folder details
We are glad to announce that the folder duration right now is calculated automatically based on duration of underlying tasks. This gives you a clear picture when you check timeline of the project.

"My Profile" -> "Account"
With the release, paid plans of Wrike are available to you. They enable you to grant licenses to your team members and other stakeholders. A license allows a user to create an unlimited number of tasks and share them with an unlimited number of people (contacts). With the Free plan, a user is allowed to create 20 tasks, so you can feel comfortable sharing tasks and folders with your clients and customers. The paid plans also provide you SSL security of your data.
Thus we added the "Account type" (where you can upgrade your account) and “Settings" (where you can set your notification types) sections and unified them with "My profile" to create the "Account" section.