We know how important it is for you to be able to manage your tasks from anywhere: your computer, phone and… tablet. The tablet version of Wrike project management software was on the wish list for many of you, and today our team presents you Wrike’s Web version for mobile browsers on iOS or Android. So now you can take full advantage of powerful project management tools from your favorite tablet device. The new version is released in beta, and we welcome you to try it.

Android users probably have dreamed about this version most of all, but we’re sure it will please iPad aficionados, as well. In Wrike’s new tablet version, you get almost everything that helps your project collaboration in Wrike’s Web version. You can create and schedule tasks and share comments from anywhere with Internet access as easily as you do it in Wrike’s Web app. We hope that the tablet version will bring even more comfort to your project collaboration.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the beta version for mobile browsers. Please contact our Support teamand tell us what you like about using the new version on your tablet and what you would like to be improved.