By default, when you CC an e-mail to [email protected], the task is instantly created in Wrike and shared with the e-mail recipient. You and the email recipient can work on the task together. If one of you updates the task, the other person become instantly aware of the task progress, thanks to email notifications.

If the recipient is not a Wrike user yet, he or she gets an automatic invitation to Wrike. It is very convenient because you are freed from the additional job of inviting people on your own. Wrike does it for you.

Our users love this feature, especially when they want to show the progress of the task associated with the client’s projects. You just need to CC an e-mail with a task to a client, so that he or she can view the progress.

However, some users were slightly worried that some clients might find this feature unnecessary. After multiple customer requests, we have introduced a way to create a task from an e-mail while turning off the feature that would invite the recipients to Wrike and share the task with them.

Certainly, when necessary, you can easily invite the client to join Wrike, so he or she can keep track of the project progress. To do so, simply type the person’s e-mail in the “shared with” field. Read more about how to share a task and how to share a folder