At Wrike, we've never been shy about the fact that we love teams. Creative teams. Product teams. The Avengers. We even love the Lakers (okay: we can tolerate the Lakers).

One thing we find over and over is that behind every great team is a great leader. Whether it's Gene Hackman from Hoosiers, or Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook, great leaders inspire their teams to pursue excellence, grow every day, and advance their careers towards the cutting edge of their respective fields.

That's why we've created the Wrike Manager-X Awards -- to help you celebrate the manager or leader in your life who makes you love your job, positions your team for success, and fuel your company's growth. The X in "Manager-X Awards" stands for Excellence, as well as a sign for multiplication, as good managers bring a 10x multiple to their team's output compared to mediocre ones.

While working with over 15,000 of the world’s leading companies over the last decade, we've seen exceptional managers boost their teams' work to new levels, thanks to their focus on these three things: 

1) They look to increase their team's productivity while boosting quality.
2) They want to increase visibility and control to manage their team's work more effectively.
3) They build a high-performance culture.

We hope you'll take the time to nominate your managers, your peers, or even yourself for one of this year's awards. Winners will win some exciting prizes, including a VIP trip to Wrike's user conference in 2018. 

Visit our Manager-X Awards page to learn more and submit your nomination!