With mobile devices so crucial for getting work done, updating Wrike's mobile app for Android™ has been a high priority in our product roadmap. Today, we're proud to announce the fruits of several months of labor.

The updated Android app is available in the Google Play store right now to make working on-the-go much more convenient.

What's New in the Wrike Android App

Wrike's Android app has been updated with a new layout for My Work that should make working on your Android device much faster and more intuitive. Here's a quick overview of those layout changes:

  • The tabs for This Week, Next Week, and Later are now combined under Later.
  • There's now a new section called Incoming, which holds all new tasks assigned to you.
  • "Tabs with tasks" is now called List with tasks.
  • And you now have Quick actions (complete a task, move to Later) available to you.

Secondly, the Android app now has global search to allow you to search for any tasks, projects, or folders from one search bar. You get auto-complete suggestions as you type, and you have the ability to apply filters to fine-tune your search results.

Excited to try out the new Android mobile app?

Head on over to the Google Play store to get the latest version of the Wrike Android App.