Thanks to the feedback of Stowe Boyd we decided to explain some features of Wrike. As it's written in that blog post "There doesn't seem to be a way to show all of your tasks at once".

The option to show all tasks will surely be there shortly; it is one of those features, which were in beta 1, but were postponed a bit in beta 2 in favor of massive (and absolutely positive) changes in the user interface and usability. It will be there soon, but I personally don't think it's all that supercritical. Why? It's easy.

We have thousands (if not more) tasks in mind, but we don't have a "Show all" view in our brains. Because it will be just a big mess. The same thing is true with Wrike.

If you have hundreds of tasks entered there and try to show them all on one page, you will hit the performance, both from the computer side (traffic, computation in your browser and on the server) and from the human side (it will be hard for you to find anything in that mess). So what we want users (and us) to have is a smart way to quickly find what they want, not the option to show everything in one big heap.

We are on our way to accomplishing that. In beta 1 we had a quick search, and quick filters and beta 2 will have more than that soon.