What project management blogs do you read? I’ve assembled a list of blogs that give me substantial food for thought when I write on innovations in project management. The list also includes blogs that serve as great sources of information about Enterprise 2.0, new management methodologies, leadership, motivation, as well as useful project management tips you can use in your day-to-day job. I hope these resources will help you take a look at your management practices from another point of view or perhaps even  push you to radical changes in the ways you manage your projects and teams. I wrote a short summary for every blog, so that it would be more convenient for you. Enjoy!
I deliberately listed these blogs in alphabetical order, giving no preferences. I did it because I want you to decide which blogs will make it to TOP 10 Blogs for Project Manager 2.0. I’m a believer in collective intelligence, and I think that ratings like this should be made collaboratively. So I want you to let me know which of the blogs on this list you like best and why. Just leave a comment to this post.

You don’t see a blog that makes worthwhile Project Management 2.0 reading? Tell me what blogs on project management, Enterprise 2.0, leadership and team-building you read. Go ahead and post the link to your favorite blog related to these topics in the comments. I also ask you not to post links to irrelevant blogs, e.g. blogs marketing a particular project management product or training program.

1.   A Girl’s Guide to Project Management – the name of this blog can be misleading, as it will be interesting even to those who don’t fall into the “4girls” category. Elizabeth Harrin blogs about everything connected with project management: events, books, tools, real-life war stories, you name it.

2.   Agile Software Development Made Easy! – a site where you can find the answers to all your questions about agile management, agile software development, agile planning and agile-related methodologies, such as  Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Lean.

3.   Andrew McAfee’s Blog: the creator of the term Enterprise 2.0 blogs on his recent research in this sphere and analyses how Enterprise 2.0 is changing the way organizations work today.

4.   Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad is a useful source of ideas, analysis and examples for those who are interested in the HR aspect of Enterprise 2.0 and social technologies.

5.   Better Projects: Craig Brown blogs about project management in real life, requirements management, leadership, etc. You’ll find numerous tips that will help you in puzzling moments.

6.   CloudAve – a group of bloggers, lead by Zoli Erdos and Ben Kepes “live and breathe cloud computing.” They cover the latest news in this industry and publish analytical posts about SaaS, enterprise software, project management and related topics.

7.   Collaboration 2.0 – an influential, seasoned Enterprise 2.0 consultant, Oliver Marks, writes about collaboration in the enterprise, its development, its necessity, its road blocks, its examples and tools that can be used to foster collective work in an organization.

8.   Daniel H. Pink (personal blog): Dan is a great thinker who has interesting ideas on motivation and management in the new creative economy.

9.    Dave Garrett’s Project Management 2.0 – a blog where the author covers different real-life project management situations, helping his readers to overcome difficulties they may have in running their projects.

10.   Enterprise Web 2.0: Dion Hinchcliffe, an influential Enterprise 2.0 thinker, analyses the latest trends in this industry and gives his unique point of view on how Web 2.0 social technologies are reshaping the business world.

11.   Eric Brown’s Technology, Strategy, People & Projects – a wonderful collection of the author’s ideas and tips on topics from project management to business models and business strategy. Many of you will probably find Eric’s “New CIO” series very useful.

12.   Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0, written by an outstanding management innovator, is a perfect place to find thoughts on how the development of the technologies transform the traditional management discipline.

13.   Gil Yehuda's Enterprise 2.0 Blog – here you’ll find practical advice on how you can upgrade your organization’s collaboration and management practices with Enterprise 2.0 tools and behaviors.

14.   ITSinsider: Susan Scrupski is a well-known Enterprise 2.0 expert and has a very interesting blog where she publishes her thoughts on the latest trends  in this sphere.

15.   Leading Agile touches important topics connected with agile management in the enterprise: methods, adoption, culture, etc.

16.   Leading Answers – what I like about this blog is that its author, Mike Griffins, an expert in both agile and traditional project management, writes in plain English and gives you practical knowledge on leadership, team-building and other important soft skills that you’ll be able to apply to your projects right away.

17.   /message -- Stowe Boyd, a well-known social tools advocate and visionary, analyses the phenomenon he calls “social Web revolution.” If you’re interested in social tech and how it can be applied to business, this is the place for you to go.

18.   Moving Beyond Management reflects the recent activity of the PMI agile and leadership communities. This blog gives you an idea of what’s hot in agile project management today.

19.   NOOP.NL – a blog dedicated to managing software development; however, you can also find articles on general project management topics like motivation, leadership, discipline, etc.

20.   PMPodcast, authored by a PMP with 18 years of project management experience, this podcast offers some very interesting interviews that give you an understanding of how projects are managed in today’s organizations.

21.   PM Student – if you are a project management newbie, this blog should be your first destination for getting-started tips.

22.   Portals and KM, written by Bill Ives, is a place where you’ll find analyses of the recent Enterprise 2.0 field news, Enterprise 2.0 case studies and thoughts on social media’s practical application to business.

23.   Pretzel Logic covers social software and contains lots of helpful information on developing an Enterprise 2.0 strategy.

24.   Project Shrink – the author of the blog, Bas de Baar, is a “Project Leadership/Social Media guy” and writes about motivation, communication and the transformation of the project manager’s role in the present business environment.

25.   Raven’s Brain – a spot where you’ll find numerous tips on project and program management, personal productivity, professional development and soft skills that you’ll need to build a successful project management career.

26.   Scobleizer  is a hot spot where tech enthusiast and video podcast evangelist Robert Scoble expresses his views on the newest online technologies, gadgets, social media sites, etc., and keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends in this sphere.

27.   Scott Berkun’s blog is a place where you’ll find lots of thought-provoking posts on managing innovation that instantly grab your attention and make easy reading, thanks to the inimitable style of the author.

28.   Scott Gavin, the creator of the famous “meet Charlie” presentation, blogs about how Enterprise 2.0 tools empower innovation and collaboration in the business environment.

29.   Software Project Management is mainly a blog about the software development lifecycle, and the author, Pawel Brodzinski, also writes thoughtful pieces on agility, project management, team-building and other things that will be interesting to a Project Manager 2.0.

30.   TED is not actually a regular blog, but rather a site devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” and it is an unparalleled collection of talks and presentations given by the world’s most innovative minds from different areas.

31.   The FASTForward Blog – an in-depth collective analysis of the current Enterprise 2.0 potential and opportunities, as well as obstacles that sometimes prevent this movement from gaining immediate popularity among business people.

32.   Voices on Project Management – written by a number of highly professional project managers from different regions and industries, this blog is a perfect place to find helpful tips on things like sustainability, talent management, ROI, programs and portfolios, and all points in between.

33.   Zen, Project Management, and Life, written by Bob Tarne, who’s great at introducing new ideas that can be incorporated into your project management practices.

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