High-performing teams run projects without a hitch: everyone knows the objectives, collaborates to create a solution, and executes their initiatives to reach the end goal, all while communicating efficiently and effectively.

One of the most frequent reasons people come to Wrike is because they are not satisfied with their team productivity. We understand that, and we're always working to improve your time spent at work.

We hope you already enjoyed the first part of our Productivity release: Subtasks that make your project planning much easier. But that's not all! Today, we're officially announcing two more new features to improve the way your team focuses their efforts and communicates to get work done.

Make most of these three updates from Wrike and increase your team's productivity:

1. Subtasks

Subtasks in Wrike enable your team to break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable portions to improve productivity. One- or two-day subtasks make continual progress clear and keep your colleagues motivated until the end of a project. By breaking up tasks, you can also transparently farm out individual responsibilities. This helps everyone execute on their initiatives without confusion, and prevents two people from duplicating work on one task.

2. My Work

My Work is a new home base for individuals to keep track of all their Wrike tasks and focus on what's next on the to-do list. You can drag and drop your tasks onto boards for Today, This Week, Next Week, and Later to reorganize your daily work based on personal priorities. This is unlike the folder-based Dashboard widgets. Because the space is private and user-specific, you can reorder your tasks according to your own plan without affecting other people, task lists, or assigned due dates. Any task you're assigned to is automatically added to My Work, and you can add additional tasks to keep yourself on top of your game.

3. Notification Center

The new Notification Center makes team collaboration even faster by telling you everything you need to take action on immediately, without mixing in general work updates. It keeps track of all new assignments, overdue tasks, and @mentions throughout your workspace. When you visit your Notification Center, you can react right from the update: instantly reply to comments, reschedule or add tasks to My Work, and open the task up to see more details. You'll finally be able to leave work email behind forever with all of your notifications kept in the workspace.

Make Your Work Day More Productive

So what's the best way to incorporate the new features into your daily workflow? Now, instead of checking your inbox or browsing your Activity Stream for the most important updates, you can start your day by checking the Notification Center. You'll get an overview of all tasks that require your immediate input and you can instantly start work on any of them. Then, once you're up-to-date with recent project progress, reflect your new priorities in your My Work tab by rearranging the list of tasks that you're actually going to work on today. Finally, as you start working on a task and come to require a peer's input, instead of @mentioning this person in comments, create and assign them a subtask to transparently split the responsibility and give everyone a better understanding of what individuals are spending time on.

Combine the power of Subtasks, My Work, and the Notification Center in Wrike for even better project workflows. You and your team will increase productivity on every project, smooth any roadblocks, and stay in-tune with the most important updates.