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Shout-Out for Astrid Users: Wrike is the New Home for Your Tasks

Published by Nadia   |  Monday, 13 May, 2013
Should someone among your friends, family or colleagues use Astrid task management tool as their to-do app, you will want to let them know about our exciting update! Recently it was announced that Yahoo! is acquiring Astrid. However, Yahoo! has not revealed what their plans are for Astrid after its acquisition. We suggest that Astrid users ensure their productivity is safe and blooming no matter what :) In just a couple of clicks they can import their tasks from Astrid to Wrike and easily collaborate on them in our iPhone and Android apps.

Getting familiar with Wrike will not be a problem for Astrid users as it has all the task management features they are used to. With Wrike they can easily create, assign and schedule tasks. Astrid users will find Wrike’s e-mail integration to their liking, as not a single task will be lost in the clutter of an inbox. 

In addition to the familiar features, in Wrike, Astrid users can easily collaborate on tasks and instantly see and comment on any update made by their team mates in the real-time Activity Stream. They can also conveniently track time spent on a task and even create tasks without start and due dates to keep track of the “someday” plans.  
wrike mobile apps

Here are 3 simple steps for migrating Astrid tasks to Wrike:

1. Download your data from the Astrid account.

2. Create a Wrike account, if you don't have one yet. Remember that the free plan is always at your service ;-)

3. Go to "My folders" in your Wrike account, click on the “import” button in the top right corner of your workspace and choose “Astrid” from the drop-down menu. Then upload the Astrid data file and match the names from the app to your contacts in Wrike.

wrike importa tasks from astrid

That’s it! In case your family, friends or colleagues are worried about the future of their productivity, spread the word that they can easily migrate their Astrid tasks to Wrike and collaborate with them even more efficiently!
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