Wrike Unveils Next Generation Work Management Capabilities To Solve Modern Work Complexities

October 19, 2021

New Product Updates, Including Work Model and Workflow Engine, Enable Employees to Work Their Way, Automate Complex Workflows, and Drive Cross-Organizational Alignment

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 19, 2021 - Wrike, now part of Citrix, today announced a new set of platform capabilities that allows employees to build workflows, processes, and metrics that best suit their needs, while ensuring individual work maps to organizational goals. Never before has a work management platform offered such flexibility, simplicity, security, and connectedness to provide natural support of workflows at every level of the organization: individual, team, department, and company-wide. This unique orchestration of workflows and processes enables entire organizations to work as one collective body. 

The speed at which companies are digitally transforming continues to accelerate. Systems and applications are deployed to connect remote teams and maintain business continuity; however, these synchronous, unstructured solutions, such as instant messaging and video conferencing applications, are creating a larger problem. Work is getting lost in between and inside these unstructured solutions and the more rigid solutions previously in place, creating a dark matter of work with no system of record. This growing chaos has resulted in a rise in workplace complexity and distractions, making it difficult for employees to do their best work and leading to employee burnout. 

“Wrike was founded on the belief that there is a better way to work,” says Senior Vice President and Wrike General Manager, Citrix, Andrew Filev. “As work evolves and becomes more complex, we are constantly thinking one step ahead so we can progress our platform along with it. For the last year, we’ve been creating unique capabilities that enable people and teams to work how it best suits them, while making sure organizations have the cohesiveness and alignment they need to succeed. It’s a fine balance, but one that modern working environments demand.”

Wrike is designed to tackle workplace complexities head-on, making it possible for employees to easily build and automate tailored, job-specific workflows out-of-the box. This ultimately elevates team members out of menial task and project management, into more strategic and rewarding work that can be measured against individual, departmental, and organizational goals. At the heart of Wrike’s new updates are:

  • Work Models - Users no longer need to work in tasks, projects, and folders alone. Wrike understands that work is much more dynamic and is the first company to break the project management mold and speak the language of teams. Wrike will be expanding its platform building blocks so users can work natively with activities they’re accustomed to, such as digital campaigns, customers, product briefs, user stories, epics, and service requests. 
  • Goal Management - As an example of Work Models, Goal Management connects metrics from daily work to a company’s strategic objectives. It provides real-time visibility into current and future goals, and enables the entire organization to work as one toward a common vision. 
  • Workflow Engine - The latest in Wrike’s no-code/low-code capabilities, Workflow Engine is a robust visual builder that enables employees to establish customized workflows - no matter how complex - through simple automation actions to keep work moving effortlessly across the organization.
  • Wrike for Service Teams - Service teams within an organization can now streamline service request management and efficiently deliver their services in Wrike, breaking down barriers between teams and underscoring the versatility of the Wrike platform.
  • Wrike Integration with ShareFile - With this new integration, Wrike is streamlining content-based workflows like RFPs and M&As by putting them in a dynamic work structure. This allows ShareFile users to maintain efficiency and alignment on documents, all within Wrike. 
  • Space Level Delegation and User Types - Very few other work management platforms offer as much configurability and security control as Wrike, which is expanding beyond account-level security with these new updates. With delegated management, business teams can now take full control of their own workflows and tools, and IT can make sure that critical security policies, such as collaboration with external stakeholders, are executed company-wide. 

Work Models

From pioneering Work Graph to the introduction of Custom Fields and Blueprints, Wrike is at the forefront of building the most versatile work management platform that accommodates the depth and breadth of modern digital work. Now, the Company is taking that even further with the introduction of Work Models. Wrike is the only work management platform that has moved beyond projects, tasks, and spreadsheets to use the language of work specific to workflows that employees have at hand. Wrike’s product interface now can natively support “sprints,” “campaigns,” “customers,” or any other custom entities employees want to introduce. It can also support nested structure in those entities – for example, “sprints” can be part of “epics.” This allows users to perfectly model the work of any team or department in the company, while allowing the whole organization to use one work management platform. 

Goal Management

Utilizing Work Models, Goal Management connects projects and tasks to strategic objectives within a collaborative space and unifies visibility into future goals and vision. Goal Management will leverage automated progress reporting and smart risk assessment in order to accelerate goal attainment. Additionally, Wrike integrates with other solutions where goals are measured and automatically incorporates key data points and success metrics within Wrike. With clear, real-time top-down and bottom-up communication, organizations can now rally their workforce around a shared vision and proven success. 

Workflow Engine

Wrike’s Workflow Engine, together with Work Models, simplifies the workflow process and keeps work moving effortlessly within organizations. For complex business processes, such as employee onboarding or supplier management, implementing a flexible simple-to-use workflow is difficult for teams. Wrike’s Workflow Engine helps establish the entire process of creating and managing a workflow in a visual builder using a simple point-and-click interface without any developer skills required. Workflow Engine supports complex scenarios at scale, but it’s also easy to operate and runs quietly in the background to advance work from one point to the next, freeing up employees to focus on more meaningful work.

Wrike for Service Teams

With Wrike for Service Teams, Wrike demonstrates the versatility of its platform by unlocking the power of an organization’s people. Wrike for Service Teams offers service management capabilities for business and “service oriented” teams, such as Marketing and HR, which work cross-functionally and need to address ad hoc employee requests, tactical projects, and mission-critical strategic initiatives. These new capabilities will increase employee satisfaction by enabling service teams and employees to collaborate with ease and quickly achieve alignment with a single system of record for work.

Wrike Integration with ShareFile

Wrike is coming together with Citrix and further simplifying work with the launch of Wrike Integration with ShareFile, which supports security-conscious or highly-regulated industries that use the service for file sharing. Now, users can work on ShareFile documents within Wrike, reducing time spent locating relevant documents and the chaos that comes with working across multiple applications.

Space Level Delegation and User Types

Another new capability for organizations with strict security and governance standards is Space Level Delegation and User Types. Space Level Delegation enables teams to democratize and organize their work without IT or Wrike Admins and provides access to build and manage tools like reports, dashboards, or workflows to key members of the team. Additionally, employees can easily duplicate or create new user types and customize permissions for more control and higher security. 

“With these new updates, we’re simplifying the conceptual model of our platform and making it even more effortless for organizations to deploy,” says Alexey Korotich, VP of Wrike Product, Citrix. “As companies look to the next phase in their Digital Transformation journey, they must seek out strategic, long-term partners that will improve their employee experience and drive their business forward. They’ll find that in Wrike. Whether you’re a startup launching into hypergrowth mode or an enterprise organization with thousands of complex workflows to manage, Wrike possesses the unique ability to orchestrate your work with ease.”

Customer Experience

“As a member of the Nickelodeon Experience Design team overseeing all off-air projects for Nickelodeon's theme parks, museums, and hotels worldwide, the level of complexity we deal with in our daily work can be overwhelming, from managing early concepts of attraction designs to the opening day guest experience,” says Jeff Hartlieb, Director, Project Management at Nickelodeon Experience Design. "That increased exponentially with the pandemic. While the status of our on-site attractions have been constantly in flux, the expectation to deliver is still there, and we must do so without the added benefit of being in-person. Wrike has enabled us to coordinate extremely involved and elaborate real-world projects almost entirely in the digital realm. Our team has been able to maintain, if not exceed, the same level of productivity, efficiency, and output from pre-pandemic days - keeping the excitement of our attractions alive for guests of all ages."

Wrike’s new capabilities are planned for next year. 

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