New Digital Asset Management Integration Makes Executing Complex, Integrated Marketing Campaigns Easier and Faster

San Jose, Calif., November 15, 2018 -- Wrike, the collaborative work management platform for high-performance teams, is revolutionizing the end-to-end work lifecycle for marketers and creatives. Wrike Publish and enhanced Wrike Proof with guest review capabilities, are now available in the company’s flagship vertical solution. These additions to Wrike for Marketers create streamlined digital workflows to unify teams, clients, and stakeholders for seamless collaboration on anything from creative asset creation to flawless execution of integrated marketing campaigns.

“Marketing has become a true balance of art and science in the digital area and striking that balance requires new tools,” said Wrike CEO and Founder Andrew Filev. “Wrike for Marketers was our first vertical solution, specifically designed with the needs of marketing and creative teams in mind, and we continue to invest in it because we understand how incredibly important the marketing function is and the unique challenges marketers face today. We’re proud to deliver the best solution for unifying the entire marketing department across priorities and processes, from creating and publishing amazing assets to planning and launching complex integrated campaigns.”

Wrike Publish is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) integration helping marketing teams save time, protect brand identity, and maximize impact. The first DAM integration available today is with MediaValet. With Wrike Publish, users have the ability to:

  • Publish approved assets to the DAM directly within Wrike tasks while automating tedious metadata entry, as well as upload new versions of existing assets to maintain version control and minimize time spent switching between tabs and tools;
  • Search for and preview DAM files in Wrike, saving time and minimizing redundant creative requests.
  • Build projects and integrated campaigns quickly with the ability to attach specific files to Wrike tasks to keep project details centralized and easily accessible.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders and clients, with or without a Wrike login, and review edits using Wrike Proof with guest review.

Wrike Proof is a proofing and approvals tool that allows approval roles to be easily assigned, shortening review cycles, and reviewers can provide clear and actionable feedback directly on the asset. Nearly 45 percent of current Wrike for Marketers customers report cutting their review and approval process time in half. The time savings are sure to increase with the solution’s new features, which include:

  • Intuitive user interface with new floating comments that are associated with specific markups for more precise feedback and enhanced user experience;
  • In addition to images, videos, and Portable Document Format (PDF), Wrike Proof is now compatible with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well, expanding the opportunities to collaborate on projects and campaigns;
  • Wrike Proof can now be accessed from the project file view for the quick review of multiple assets across ongoing campaigns;
  • A guest review feature allowing clients and executives to securely participate in the review process of digital assets within Wrike Proof without a Wrike account, overcoming the challenge of working with multiple stakeholders for in-house marketers and creatives, as well as creative agencies. This streamlines the review cycle and greatly reduces the time it takes to move from project intake to final product and campaign launch while adding more transparency to the process.

Wrike Publish and enhanced Wrike Proof with guest review are now available to Wrike for Marketers customers. For more information, visit:

Wrike also announced today the availability of Wrike Resource, a new resource management tool, enabling marketing departments to meticulously plan, manage, and optimize team members’ workloads with real-time visibility and advanced reporting.

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