Wrike Helps inDrive Keep Up With Pace And Complexity Of Work Driven By Ride-share Demand

January 31, 2023

Popular Ride-hailing Company Reduces Meetings and Emails by 2-3x, Manages Increased Demand, and Forecasts Project Conditions with Versatile, Scalable, Automated Work Management Platform


SAN DIEGO, Calif., January 31, 2023 - Wrike, the most powerful work management platform, today announced that global mobility and urban services platform, and one of the world’s fastest growing ride-hailing services, inDrive, uses Wrike to scale work across the business, forecast resources accurately, and eliminate duplicate or redundant work. Over the past two years, inDrive has seen a 60% increase in the countries it serves. As a fast-growing global organization, they needed a single system of record for all work and deployed Wrike company-wide. With a number of internal Wrike champions, inDrive has been able to quickly increase adoption within departments like marketing, finance, and HR and begin optimizing processes for better efficiency. This has enabled them to reduce meetings and emails dramatically – up to 3x – and take on more requests at a faster rate. 


“Knowledge workers spend three months a year on unproductive meetings, duplicate work, and information tracking across siloed teams and disparate tools like instant messaging apps and email,” says Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO, Wrike. “Cross-team work that isn’t well tracked is often the biggest source of inefficiencies and frustrations, so if an organization can bring work together in a single place for all teams and departments, imagine the increases in efficiency and productivity. inDrive is a prime example of a company doing it right and building processes that will allow them to scale and grow at any rate around the globe and over the coming years.”


With more than two billion rides logged, 150 million app downloads, and 47 countries served, inDrive is one of the most popular ride-sharing apps on the market and has grown to become a marketplace of services, including intercity transportation, cargo, handyman services, job hunting, and delivery. The company was founded on the belief that there should be fairness and transparency baked into ride-sharing services, and they see that mission through in that their users are free to negotiate the terms of their interaction. Because of their commitment to providing fair deals to both rider and driver, inDrive has quickly grown in popularity worldwide. 


“About three years ago, we realized that we were running up against limitations with the disparate solutions we used to manage work,” says Mikhail Naliuhin, Account Director, inDrive. “There comes a point in each company’s journey when spreadsheets and email don’t cut it anymore. These tools  aren’t suited to fully manage work and keep up with demand. Not only were our teams newly remote and global, our work was becoming much more complex. Global business means a lot is happening daily in different countries with rapid changes and projects coming in with tight deadlines. By using various solutions that weren’t integrated, it created disjointed workflows. We knew a single source of truth was needed across the organization to break down silos and bring all departments together, so we turned to Wrike. We found it to be the most intuitive and versatile solution, and it was comprehensive enough to help us scale properly and quickly.”


While Wrike was deployed successfully within nearly every department at inDrive, the most active use case comes from their marketing and creative teams, which encompass more than 250 people with 80 people in creative roles servicing the marketing team. When a team or department needs creative work completed, they use Dynamic Request Forms so that work intake is automatically set up and organized with a primary workflow to streamline everything in play. The marketing team then uses Workload Charts to distribute upcoming requests, and tasks are initiated from one of seven established Blueprints. They also leverage time tracking to create a realistic view of capacity and turnaround times. 


“Wrike’s Workload view and automated workflows have really transformed the way we work,” says Lena Ivanova, Creative Lab Coordinator, inDrive. “We have a lot of asset and localization requests, and the process for delegation prior to Wrike was too manual to accommodate demand. There were times when we had to ask each person about their capacity at the moment to determine who could take on a project. Now, we don’t have to waste time trying to determine bandwidth. We have a single view of the work everyone is committed to, along with status on progress.”


These automated features have helped the marketing and creative teams scale and expedite work to help support various departments within inDrive. They are also able to more accurately forecast how long projects will take to complete in order to set stakeholder expectations and prevent burnout among creative team members.


These benefits are felt across the organizations, as inDrive puts Wrike’s versatility to the test with customized workspaces for each department and team. As a result, they have reduced the number of applications used by bringing work into Wrike, reduced time spent on emails and meetings, encouraged knowledge sharing cross-functionally, and improved forward-looking planning.  


“With teams from several countries communicating in Wrike, we are able to move much faster,” continues Naliuhin. “That number is growing, too, as the company expands. As we hire new employees, they’re able to onboard much more quickly with Wrike champions in each department and with all of the relevant information they need in one place.” 


For more information about the inDrive case study, visit: https://www.wrike.com/customer-stories/indrive/


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