Overcomes Primary Challenge for Managing Projects in Digital Workplace with Enhanced Views, Calendars, and Dashboards

San Jose, Calif., August 13, 2018 -- Wrike, the collaborative work management platform for high-performance teams, is helping project managers gain greater visibility and control over collaborative work in the Digital Workplace, overcoming a key challenge for completing work at scale. The newly enhanced viewing options, which include a Gantt chart, list view, board view, and a new file view, as well as new calendars and dashboard features, also deliver increased transparency and improved accountability for responsible team members. The flexibility in how information is viewed, combined with real-time visibility into work across projects and tasks at all levels, provides enterprises with the data needed to track activity to strategic goals.

“We’re very excited to be gaining even more visibility into work and workflows within Wrike,” says Hootsuite Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Woods. “The Calendar feature in particular will allow us to align all of our tactics, not only throughout the regions, but also within HQ, from marketing pushes to product releases, feature releases, and partner integrations. Allowing us to align everything makes our messaging a lot clearer for our customers.”

According to a report on digital workplace technologies by Gartner, “by 2022, 70 percent of organizations leveraging collaborative work management systems will report that their teams are significantly better performing.” These features represent Wrike’s focus on customers’ needs and helping them transform how teams collaborate in the Digital Workplace, as well as the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and pushing to further define collaborative work management. All of these features are available in the browser version and the Android mobile app, as well as the award-winning desktop application of the Wrike Platform, allowing users to benefit from these advanced capabilities regardless of how and where they work.

“Project management is no longer reserved for certified Project Managers in the Digital Workplace,” said Wrike CEO Andrew Filev. “Work today is often more fluid, and different users sometimes require different views into the same data. These new features allow teams to be nimble and better visualize hidden work, while simultaneously delivering leadership with the high-level visibility across all projects and portfolios needed to visibly track work to strategic outcomes. ”

The features include:

  • New and Enhanced Views - Gives users the ability to see and interact with projects and tasks the way they want:
    • Board View - Ability to sort tasks by ‘Date,’ ‘Importance’ or ‘Title,’ allows users to understand top priorities and ensure movement is within the right workflow;
    • File View - Not all work is centered around tasks and timelines. The new File View makes it easy to quickly find, access, edit, and share digital files;
    • Gantt Chart - Critical path analysis to reduce project uncertainty and missed deadlines;  interactive snapshots available to share with internal and external stakeholders; drag and drop functionality to rearrange the priorities, dates, and hierarchical relationship;
    • List View -  More viewable tasks, dates and project statuses; improved drag and drop functionality; and better mass editing to update multiple tasks and projects at once.
  • Wrike Calendars - Top-level view of work helps users plan and strategize more easily. Connections to underlying projects and tasks means calendars always reflect the most up-to-date plans and schedules. Users can:
    • Manually plan and track critical work;
    • Automatically track specific work for projects, teams, or folders;
    • Color code work by status, channel, audience, and more;
    • Layer calendars to get the a bird’s-eye view of deliverables across the organization;
    • Share Calendars with real-time information internally and externally.
  • Redesigned Dashboards - Simplified sharing and navigation, as well as enhanced overall look and feel:
    • Easy customized sorting enables users to manually adjust based on listing preferences;
    • Create Dashboard widgets directly from Dashboard view;
    • Ability to create and view multiple dashboards simultaneously.



About Wrike

Wrike, a Citrix company, is the most intelligent, versatile work management platform for the enterprise. It can be easily configured for any team and any use case to transform how work gets done. Wrike’s feature-rich platform puts teams in control of their digital workflows, enabling them to focus on the most important work, maximize potential, and accelerate business growth. Customers like Estée Lauder, Hootsuite, Nielsen, Ogilvy, Siemens, and Tiffany & Co. depend on Wrike to help teams plan, manage, and complete work at scale. Wrike is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, visit: https://www.wrike.com/.