Wrike Delivers Unified Digital Workplace with New Business Intelligence Connector and Integration Engine for Automating Workflows Across the Enterprise

October 2, 2018

Connector to Tableau, Resource Management Tool, and Security Features Expand Offering for the Enterprise

Wrike Collaborate Conference, San Francisco, October 2, 2018 -- Wrike, the collaborative work management platform for high-performance teams, is unifying the enterprise with a single digital workplace that ensures work aligns with the most important business objectives. The company announced today at the Wrike Collaborate conference the following add-on options: a Business Intelligence (BI) connector to Tableau, the leading analytics platform; Wrike Integrate, an integration and automation engine; Wrike Lock, a customer-managed encryption keys feature; and Wrike Resource, a resource management tool. Wrike also announced today that Wrike for Marketers will now include guest review capabilities; Wrike Proof, enhanced proofing and approvals; and Wrike Publish, Digital Asset Management (DAM) through integrations with Bynder and MediaValet.

“Work management in the enterprise requires more than simple task and project coordination,” said IDC Research Director for Social and Experiential Solutions Wayne Kurtzman. "Those looking to capture market share at this level need to deliver an open, flexible platform that centralizes effective and transparent collaboration, addresses complex security concerns, and delivers an intuitive user experience to calm the digital chaos that many organizations struggle with. Wrike is well positioned as an enterprise platform to empower high-performance teams that have been looking to overcome the challenges presented by digital transformation."

Enterprises need advanced reporting to provide greater visibility into workflows and a deeper understanding of how work is impacting results. Combining the data generated in Wrike with their preferred BI tool will enable customers to connect activities and effort to business results. This allows executives to identify trends and opportunities to improve performance and maximize return on investment. Wrike’s new BI connector to Tableau is the company’s first step toward delivering seamless advanced reporting with sophisticated BI and analytics for the enterprise.

“Restricted visibility into workflows and BI based on siloed data has made it near impossible to glean meaningful insights,” said Stan de Boisset, Vice President of Americas Partners at Tableau. “Enterprises need a way to link work at the task and project level to actual results so they can spot trends, identify areas for improvement, and remove bottlenecks. By combining the data from Wrike with the BI gathered in Tableau, companies will be able to connect the granular details to the bigger picture and deliver a holistic view into the organization that executives can use to derive actionable takeaways for improving the bottom line.”

Wrike Integrate allows users to seamlessly automate complex workflows at scale across people and teams with more than 400 cloud or on-premise applications. The automation engine makes it possible for organizations to move beyond basic, one-off integrations to comprehensive workflow automation quickly and easily. Wrike Integrate comes prepackaged with automated workflows, but can also be configured to meet the unique needs of the team, department, or whole organization, saving time and allowing users to focus on more high value, strategic work. Configuration of Wrike Integrate - from establishing integrations to automating workflows and creating new ones - is all done within Wrike and does not require technical or developer input, empowering users to build an engine that works for them.

“We see an enormous opportunity for collaborative work management platforms to become the digital workplace that helps organizations truly maximize their digital transformation efforts,” said Wrike Founder and CEO Andrew Filev. “Organizations of all sizes and particularly enterprises are looking to invest in technologies that will help them run more efficiently and effectively, which is why we have put a tremendous amount of time and effort toward ensuring our platform is the right balance of power and simplicity to meet a wide variety of needs. It was important to me that we build an open, flexible platform that offers advanced collaboration, work management, and automation capabilities that everyone can benefit from, as well as features and tools, like advanced security and reporting, with the enterprise specifically in mind.”

Wrike Lock delivers unparalleled cloud data security because customers retain control through customer-managed encryption keys for all Wrike data. This provides greater visibility into all access and use of data, including the ability to monitor, approve, or reject requests for data and documents. External encryption key storage is managed independently from the data center and encryption keys to Wrike data are also encrypted, meeting stringent enterprise security requirements and giving even the most security-focused customers peace of mind. Wrike is also making access role customization available to all enterprise customers, enabling greater control over access at the individual user or group level, which is imperative in today’s highly collaborative workplaces.

One of the most requested features from customers is resource management. With Wrike Resource, teams can efficiently plan work, manage workload, and prioritize projects based on capability. The Workload view delivers complete visibility into each team member’s workload and availability. With the Effort Allocation feature, managers are able to indicate the number of hours needed for a task, divide the work between team members, and adjust the number of hours for each team member based on an individual’s workload and the number of days available.

Wrike Resource, Wrike Lock, and the access role customization feature will be available in Q4 2018. Wrike’s BI connector will be available in Q1 2019 and Wrike Integrate is projected to be available in the first half of 2019.

About Wrike

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