Wrike Tallinn

The Wrike Tallinn office is located in the co-working space Workland, Maakri 25 on the first and 1.5 floors. The loft-style building is within 10 minute walk from the old town in Maakri business district. The bus stops 100m away from the co‑working space.

<p>Wrike Tallinn</p>
<h5>Flexible work schedule</h5>
Flexible work schedule
<h5>28 days of paid vacation</h5>
28 days of paid vacation
<h5>Life insurance plan</h5>
Life insurance plan
<h5>Sport compensation</h5>
Sport compensation
<h5>Parental leave</h5>
Parental leave
<h5>Global education support&nbsp;program</h5>
Global education support program
<h5>Two volunteer days</h5>
Two volunteer days
<h5>Employee assistance program</h5>
Employee assistance program
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"What I like most about Wrike is the team and atmosphere. I really enjoy the friendly, positive attitude within the team and the willingness to help each other."

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<h5>Read our experts' articles</h5>
Read our experts' articles
<h5>Meet us online and offline</h5>
Meet us online and offline

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<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>
<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>