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The newest Wrike Center of Excellence is located in STG Labs, which is a subsidiary of STG Partners. The Whitefield office is part of an IT hub in the neighborhood of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Whitefield remained a quaint little settlement at the eastern periphery of Bangalore city until the late 1990s when the local IT boom turned it into a major suburb. It is now a major part of Greater Bangalore. The office has a startup incubation feel with its dynamic and collaborative workspace. This environment fosters a sense of innovation and creativity and allows the portfolio companies to grow and thrive in a supportive ecosystem.

<h5>18 days of paid vacation</h5>
18 days of paid vacation
<h5>12 days of sick leave</h5>
12 days of sick leave
<h5>10 company paid holidays</h5>
10 company paid holidays
<h5>Employee-centric insurance program</h5>
Employee-centric insurance program
<h5>Parental leave</h5>
Parental leave
<h5>Broadband/internet reimbursement</h5>
Broadband/internet reimbursement
<h5>One-time allowance for home office setup</h5>
One-time allowance for home office setup
<h5>Access to learning materials</h5>
Access to learning materials
<h5>Hybrid model: 3 days working from office</h5>
Hybrid model: 3 days working from office
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“Wrike culture makes a huge difference. From the very first day in the company, you feel welcomed and accepted. I admire Wrike’s ability to empower and enable leaders. The independence and opportunities for professional growth that it gives to employees are truly exceptional. You come to the company, become an integral part of the global team, and it’s on your side to apply your skills in the best way possible.”

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<h5>Read our experts' articles</h5>
Read our experts' articles
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Watch us on YouTube

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<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>
<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>