Getting Started With Wrike: Downloadable Checklist

<p>Getting Started With Wrike: Downloadable Checklist</p>
<p>Onboard to Wrike in six easy steps</p>

Onboard to Wrike in six easy steps

Download our checklist to make your Wrike introduction seamless. Get started with step-by-step guidance for setting up your account, managing tasks and projects, and collaborating with your team effectively.

<p>What’s in the checklist</p>

What’s in the checklist

  • Settle in: Customize your Wrike Home page
  • Learn the fundamentals: Get Wrike's building blocks and explore different views
  • Prep your workspace: Set up spaces and folders
  • Set up your team and monitor progress: Train your team and create reports to track success

Questions? We’re here to help.

Contact Wrike’s support team any time.
<p>Questions? We’re here to help.</p>
<p>Questions? We’re here to help.</p>