Hey Wrikers, are you ready for a rewind of 2023? It was a year packed with awesome stuff we did together. Let’s hit the pause button and take a fun stroll down memory lane. 

This is a loud cheer for all the fantastic things YOU did this year. That’s right, we’re talking about your wins, your leaps, and all the cool stuff you accomplished using Wrike. 

Here are the highlights we achieved together in 2023: 

The numbers that rocked our year  

2023 was like a blockbuster movie for Wrike! Our community reached new heights, with 1,742,196 users, including everyone from first-time triers to our longtime Wrikers. Teams of all sizes found their productivity haven with us, with 412,612 new teams joining Wrike. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Together, we completed a whopping 79,290,642 tasks! Imagine the mountains of work moved, the oceans of ideas shared. A phenomenal 8,843,457 of these tasks and projects were automated. Our largest team also swelled to an impressive 213,225 members, showcasing the scalability and flexibility of Wrike.

We also had some fun identifying when our users were at their most productive. Tuesday took the prize for the busiest day, while March beat the others to be crowned the busiest month. 

Wrike is designed to make every day count, and these numbers speak volumes about our impact.

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The transformative milestones

2023 was a landmark year for us. We experienced significant changes in our leadership, with Thomas Scott stepping in as Interim CEO. This transition marked a new phase for Wrike, bringing fresh perspectives and renewed energy to our mission to serve you better. 

Our efforts and dedication to excellence were recognized when we won the 2023 Most Loved Award from TrustRadius (thanks to your amazing reviews). This accolade was a proud moment for us, highlighting our commitment to providing a platform that genuinely enhances workflow management.

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The product innovations

The introduction of generative AI marked a significant milestone in Wrike’s project management, making tasks like creating briefs and meeting agendas more efficient. Our continuous improvements in automation tools have streamlined workflows, making everyday tasks more manageable and less time-consuming for our users.

We also unveiled our next-gen analytics features in 2023, providing deeper insights and customizable data tracking for better decision making. And we have more exciting product innovations in store for 2024!

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The refreshed resource hub for Wrikers 

Throughout 2023, we focused on empowering our users with knowledge. Our range of resources, from in-depth reports to engaging webinars, provided valuable information and strategies for enhancing work efficiency. 

Our 2023 Efficiency Report, for instance, offered practical guidance on embracing digital transformation and leveraging AI for streamlined workflows. Meanwhile, our Post-Collaborate 2023 Product Release Overview gave users a sneak peek into the latest features designed to transform work management. 

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2024: A future to look forward to

As we gear up for 2024, here’s a huge shoutout to you. Your energy and ideas have made 2023 a year to remember. With our innovative features and your unrelenting drive, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together in the coming year. 

We can’t wait to share more cool stuff with you in the new year. In the meantime, hop over to our Year in Review page and let’s relive the 2023 awesomeness we achieved together!