If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already compared top work management vendors, sat through product demonstrations, and trialed a few solutions. Now comes the time to write a request for proposal (RFP) to each of your top selections.

But before you send off this all-important document, you need to know everything to include so you’re not backtracking later. Defining your organization’s requirements also helps the responding vendors know upfront how to tailor a response according to your organization, use cases, etc.

how to write RFP for work management solutions

Writing your RFP: it’s all in the details

Writing an RFP for a work management solution is just as much about the vendor as it is about your company. For starters, it’s important that your RFP include a short company biography so vendors know how long you’ve been in business, any awards you’ve received, why you’re looking for a work management solution, and more. Our new guide explores the following items you can take action on right away when you receive responses.

  • Scoring vendors
  • Timing 
  • Solution constraints
  • Legal requirements

You’ll want to define your primary use case and possibly secondary use cases for needing a work management solution. Knowing those definitions will help you determine what features are of higher or lower priority as you further evaluate vendors. Having an established timeline and any legal requirements are essential to your RFP too, but what else?

The checklist: what to include

Keep in mind that no universal RFP applies to every company and the document will vary depending on your relationship with a work management provider. If your company is brand new to work management, your RFP will be structured quite differently compared to if you’re already a customer and looking to add more departments (who may have different requirements and use cases).

  • Customer win stories/references
  • What content do you expect to see in custom demos?
  • Product questions
  • Integration requirements
  • Security questions

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What to look for in a work management provider

When you’re deciding on a solution, you need more than just a centralized hub to store all work data and conversations. There are five key areas and an associated list of features to seek out during your evaluation process, including how work is created and managed, and how the vendor supports growing and changing organizations. Make sure your chosen provider can satisfy all your wishes and requirements so you’re not facing buyer’s remorse later.

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Prepare to write your RFP with our new guide

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