Please note: At the end of 2019, Wrike for Hangouts will be discontinued. Below you can find the original information about how the integration functioned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Last year Google Cloud announced the upcoming transformation of Hangouts into two enterprise-focused communications tools: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. By dividing Hangouts in this way, Google Cloud is better able to provide G Suite customers with deeper functionality for video meetings and collaborative chat, respectively. Meet launched not long after that announcement, and today Google Cloud announced the public launch of Chat.

Chat is an intelligent and secure collaboration tool in G Suite built to bring teams together. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat provides an integrated experience that makes team collaboration easy and efficient. And, in order to better enable teams to accomplish more while chatting about work, we’re excited to also today announce our integration with Chat.

With Wrike for Hangouts Chat, teams can quickly get work into Wrike, where it can be better managed, tracked, and reported on, as well as seamlessly collaborate on Wrike projects in Chat, enabling them to get more work done while staying in the context of conversations.

Collaborate more effectively

Conversations drive collaboration. But, when your conversation is in Chat and your work is in Wrike, it can be challenging to remember task details or switch back and forth between tools. And, although sharing permalinks can enable your team to more easily access Wrike tasks, all you’ll see in your conversation is a link with no extra context or information.


However, when you invite the Wrike bot to a room in Chat, you can make it so that permalinks expand into a detailed picture of tasks - displaying task title, due date, status, assignees, and description – ensuring that communications about work are more focused and effective.

Stay in the know

Things can change quickly when your team is collaborating on work in Wrike, and if your input is needed to keep work moving forward and on schedule, delays can be costly. And, the likelihood of missing something can increase the more you need to also spend time in other tools to get work done.

But, by choosing to receive Wrike notifications in Chat, you can ensure that you can stay informed and quickly respond to changes in Wrike, even while you’re busy collaborating in Hangouts Chat.

Capture and update work

When you’re chatting with your team, ideas for new projects and tasks can pop up quickly then disappear just as fast. And, even if you are able to pin new work down, it can be tough to make sure it actually gets done.

With Wrike for Hangouts Chat you can create tasks right in chats, enabling you to quickly get work into Wrike, where it can be better managed, tracked, and reported on. And, you can also edit and update existing tasks right in task previews, enabling you to easily get work done while staying in Chat and getting right back to the conversation.

G Suite is starting to roll out Hangouts Chat today, and you can expect to see it and Wrike for Hangouts Chat shortly.