Please note: As of July 1, 2021, this feature may no longer be packaged as described in this blog post. Our award-winning software still has the same versatile capabilities as before, however. Read more about these changes or visit our pricing page for more information.

The pace of technological innovation, combined with the way the pandemic has changed the way we work, has put immense pressure on creative teams to deliver more digital assets faster. Fortunately, the creative toolkit is richer with specialized tools available for different types of creative professionals, making it easy to keep pace with digital acceleration. But challenges remain in how you collaborate with other team members and sync work across multiple tools.

With 2021 planning underway now is the ideal time to reassess your technologies and operations to ensure they’re delivering value and that you’re setting yourself and your teams up for success. 

An all-too-familiar scenario

Your product team has a revolutionary innovation and you’re tasked with developing the prototype. Countless wireframes, mockups, animations, and communication threads later and you’re ready to hand off the finished specs to developers. Normally you might work with external software to sketch and design the interactive prototype, but that creates too much back and forth with your work in Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Other marketing team members who need to review and approve assets don’t have access to those creative tools. So you must take on the additional time of getting assets in front of stakeholders in the review and approval stage. This slows down the entire digital asset production process and holds back marketing teams from moving at the speed of change.

Enter Wrike. 

Wrike already makes it easy for creatives to collaborate with their teams with native integrations for Adobe tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. Today, we’re elated to be working closely with the Adobe team again in announcing our newest connector: Wrike for Adobe XD. With Wrike, you’re working with the tools you know and love, staying on top of work, and collaborating efficiently. 

Introducing Wrike for Adobe XD

Adobe has been modernizing in-app extensibility by investing in its Unified Extensibility Platform (UXP) to give creative teams faster and easier access to third-party plugins that extend Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Adobe XD in powerful ways. Plugins enable users to go from design through collaboration and production, without having to leave their favorite Adobe app. As part of this launch, Wrike participated in Adobe’s annual Developer Days event in July 2020 to get early access to APIs that were critical to the development of this integration.

With the Wrike plugin for Adobe XD, you have the flexibility to work your way: in the cloud or on your machine, working solo or with your team, with other tools in your workflow, and on Mac or PC. This new plugin enables you to design smarter and faster:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 1
Wrike for Adobe XD

Here’s what Vijay Vachani, Senior Director of Product Management and Partner Ecosystem for Adobe Creative Cloud, has to say about Wrike for Adobe XD:

“Wrike and Adobe have enjoyed a great relationship the past few years after Wrike developed extensions for Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, Indesign®, and Premiere® Pro,” said Vachani. "By integrating with another Creative Cloud® app, Adobe XD, Wrike is further streamlining the creative process for teams that use both Wrike and Creative Cloud, enabling designers to focus on their creative work in Adobe XD, while staying connected to their teams in Wrike without toggling back and forth."

Technical requirements and installing Wrike for Adobe XD

To begin using Wrike for Adobe XD, you must have Adobe XD version 21 or higher installed. In addition, your account security settings must allow logging in using credentials without two-factor authentication or allow logging in with OTP.

To view and install the plugin, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Step 1a: In the Adobe XD home screen, select Add-ons and then Plugins to launch the Plugin panel, or
  • Step 1b: Click the Plugins icon on the Toolbar, and select Discover Plugins, or click the + icon to launch the Plugin panel. 
  • Step 2: In the Plugin panel, choose the Browse tab, select the Wrike plugin, and click Install.

Note: If you received a plugin package with the XDX file extension, you can double-click it to install.

How Wrike for Adobe XD works

1. Authentication

Log in with your Wrike account to get access to the plugin: 

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 2

2. My to-do list

After logging in, you’ll see a list of tasks assigned to you. The system shows the same list of tasks as your “My to-do” section in the Wrike workspace. The following filters/sorting options are available:

  • Status: Only Active, Only Overdue, or All
  • Sort by: Priority, Start and end dates, Created date, Modified date, Status, Importance, Title

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 3

3. Refresh button

For an updated list of data and tasks, click the Refresh button:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 4

4. See task

By clicking any task, you can see the respective details, including the description, list of files, status, assignees, and comments:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 5

5. Commenting

You can also add comments to a task, the same as if you were working in Wrike:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 6

6. Change status

You can change task status by clicking the status picker:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 7

7. Upload a new file

To upload new files, select Artboard and click the Upload to task button along with your chosen uploading option:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 8

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 9

8. Update file version

Updating file versions is simple, too. Just open your list of files and click the file you want to update:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 10

9. Log out

Once you’re finished working, you can log out by clicking your avatar in the bottom-right corner of the plugin:

Say Hello To Wrike for Adobe XD Speed Up Creative Production 11

Start using Wrike for Adobe XD today

Wrike’s collaborative work management solution gives you the visibility and efficiency you need without disrupting your team’s creativity. And with the Wrike plugin for Adobe XD, you can speed up your creative production, stay connected to your team, and work the way you want while designing smarter and faster. Get started with Wrike for Adobe XD with a Wrike for Marketers free trial here.