Wrike has a lot of great functionality to discover. Some are in your face and easy to explore. But I argue that some of our best features are the ones you haven't noticed yet. Whether you're working on your first Wrike project or your 100th, make sure you experience these 5 awesome "A-ha!" moments while using Wrike.

1. Show descendant tasks — If you've ever selected a folder and seen the "27 tasks in this folder but nothing close to your needs" message, then you probably haven't discovered descendants. This message generally means that the folder has all its tasks stored in subfolders. Click "Show descendants" to reveal all of the tasks in the descendant subfolders. If that doesn't do the trick, hover over the "active" filter and click the "X" that appears next to it (more information in #4).

2. Select several or all tasks — When you hover over a task in the list view, you'll notice a small box to the left of the user avatars. Clicking this box selects the task. You can select as many tasks as you like in a given list. If you want to select an entire list of tasks, hover your mouse just above the top-most box. With one click, you can select all. From there, use mass actions to edit your chosen tasks.

Hover over the box at the top of your task list to select all your tasks.

3. Dragging folders to tag tasks — In Wrike, a folder or task can live in multiple locations. An easy, often overlooked method to tag a task is to drag and drop the folder on top of the task to add the tag.

Drag a folder name from the folder list onto your task to add the additional tag.

4. Clearing filters when searching for information — It's our goal to make it easy to focus on the work that needs to be done. By default, Wrike displays tasks that are "Active" and assigned to anyone. You know this by the blue text filters under the folder title.

When searching for completed tasks, you'll need to clear the "Active" filter. Simply hover over "Active" and click it to switch the filter to "Completed." This will display only completed tasks in your search results. Alternatively, click the "X" that appears next to the word "Active" to clear this filter and display all tasks in the folder, regardless of status.

Filters in Wrike are set to "active" tasks and "assigned to anyone" by default   Remove task filters by hovering over the filter and clicking the 'X' that appears

5. Quoting text in comments — The description section of a task is often detailed or lengthy. Quoting makes it easy to ask questions and provide feedback on specific sentences. To quote part of the description for your comments, highlight the text and click the quote icon that appears on the left. This will pull the text into the comments section where you can add your feedback and share your ideas with the team.

You can quote text in the task description to comment on a specific item

Want to see these features in action? Check out this short video for a quick overview.

Do you have other favorite Wrike tricks that you think your fellow Wrikers will love? Help everyone out by mentioning them in the comments!