Many of you probably have already bought a Kindle,
Amazon's original wireless reading device, or at least heard about it. I personally love the idea of this device. You don’t have to buy and carry along tons of books you want to read. It’s all there inside of a single gadget, and it is available anytime, anywhere. I’ve already ordered Kindle DX, and I’m in great anticipation of it.

Recently, Amazon came up with Kindle Blogs, so now you can subscribe to your favorite blogs for a small fee. I’m excited to announce that the Project Management 2.0 blog is now available though the Kindle Store. So if you already own a Kindle, my thoughts on the latest trends in Enterprise 2.0 and their influence on project management may be auto-delivered wirelessly to your device.

Do you have a Kindle? Do you find Kindle Blogs convenient? Please let me know in the comments.