. This group was launched in October 2008 to help PMI and its members understand new and emerging trends in the project management profession, especially those being discussed in new media channels: blogs, podcasts, social networks, Twitter, etc. I believe this is an outstanding initiative that will help to bridge the gap between traditional project management techniques and opportunities for enhancing collaboration on projects that are offered by the development of the Web. I’d also like to note that, by joining the Council, I found myself in a great company. The other influential voices that form the panel are: •    Bas de Baar, Project Shrink •    Cornelius Fichtner, The Project Management Podcast •    Dave Garrett, Gantthead •    Elizabeth Harrin, A Girl's Guide to Project Management •    Hal Macomber, Reforming Project Management •    Jerry Manas, PMThink! •    Josh Nankivel, PM Student •    Chalyce Nollsch, PM Bistro I’m sure you know many of them already, but if you don’t, I strongly encourage you to check out the blogs of my fellow council members. You’ll find plenty of helpful information that you can use every day while working on your projects.