I was invited to give a speech at the Project 2.0 panel of the Office 2.0 Conference, which will take place in San Francisco on September 5-7. The conference is established by Ismael Ghalimi, author of the popular IT|Redix blog. He together with a group of other bloggers managed to make the conference a significant event for the IT world.This conference will be focused on product demonstrations, adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise and mobile productivity arenas. Presentations, discussions and debates aim to improve companies’ comprehension of how apply Office 2.0 in their activity. Another goal is to make organizations realize the benefits they get even at the early stage of new-generation technologies adoption. The Office 2.0 conference is announced to be a collective experiment aimed at discovering the future of online productivity and collaboration. That’s why all of the participants are so excited to be there, debate and finally see the results of the event. This conference also will most likely be a source of inspiration for many people connected with the next-generation office productivity tools and enterprise solutions. I’m definitely looking forward to panel discussions where I will share my point of view on the project management 2.0 approach. Hope to see you there.