Foosball tables. Three-story slides. Video game arcades. Indoor waterfalls. With so much effort toward making office environments cool and personalized, shouldn’t your online work environment reflect a similar aesthetic? Introducing new Wrike Workspace Themes! Customize your workspace so you can focus more on (and enjoy looking at) the task at hand. Choose from 12 fun and colorful themes to personalize and modernize your Wrike workspace.

Workspace personalization amplifies productivity & happiness

Studies show working in a more relaxed and comfortable space improves mood, creativity, and productivity. Customizing your workspace powers organization and focus. Personalization also has a direct connection to employee satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. Having a customizable workspace helps employees feel comfortable enough to express their personalities and be themselves in the office. This creates a connection with others and encourages collaboration and creativity across the team. Check out how Wrike’s own team uses Workspace Themes to express ourselves and feel more motivated to tackle tasks!

How to choose your theme

Setting your theme is easy!
  1. Click on your profile image in Wrike to open the platform menu, and select “Workspace Themes.” 
  2. Click on the theme you like and hit “Save.”
  3. Feel free to change your Workspace Theme as often as you like!

What are you waiting for? Try Workpace Themes today!